The Biology Department participated at the Researchers´ Night

This year, our department participated in the Researchers´ Night. The visitors had a change to join a workshop on "the secret of the tumor cell".

10 Oct 2023


On Friday 6.10. our department participated in the Reseachers´ Night. We had prepared a workshop for the visitors on the topic of the Secret of the Tumor Cell. We talked about what must gradually happen in a cell in order for it to turn into a tumor cell.

We had prepared a small quiz with rewards for the participants, and they could also try to "figure out" the consequences of changing a single "letter" in our DNA. Those interested could view tumor cells under a microscope and peek under the hood of the work of a pathologist who evaluates the microscopic image of a tumor.

And last but not least, we talked about the possibilities of modern oncology and about innovative approaches in diagnosis and treatment.

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