Program structure

The PhD program

The PhD program is accredited at the Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University. Several departments from the Faculty of Medicine, together with CEITEC PhD school, have united their efforts to create a stimulating educational and research environment. As such, our PhD students can benefit from deep expertise in three different specializations that are located within a different department of the Faculty of Medicine (LF), MU or CEITEC, MU.

1. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Dpt. of Biology, LF, MU); Chair of the Doctoral Committee: Prof. MUDr. David Šmajs, Ph.D.

2. Cell and Tissue Morphology (Dpt. of Anatomy and Dpt. of Histology and Embryology, LF, MU); Chair of the Doctoral Committee: Assoc. Prof. MUDr. Marek Joukal, Ph.D.

3. Molecular Medicine (CEITEC, MU); Chair of the Doctoral Committee: Prof. MUDr. Mgr. Marek Mráz, Ph.D.

Currently, about 55% of students are enrolled in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology specialization, 38% in Cell and Tissue Morphology and 7% in Molecular Medicine. These percentages are flexible and may evolve over time. 

For researchers searching for new discoveries, a collaborative spirit is vital. Our program warmly welcomes young researchers from across the world. Currently, about 25 % of our students are international, and we wish to increase this number over time.

The Doctoral Board and Committee

The PhD program as a whole is presided over by the Doctoral Board, while each specialization is presided over by the Doctoral Committee. Each entity is presided over by the Chair and has several permanent members, including external members outside of the university. Their task is to oversee and assess the program´s progression and to maintain its quality. From a student´s perspective, the Doctoral Board/Committee approves the individual study plans, monitors the study progression of each PhD student, and evaluates the doctoral state exams as well as the thesis defense.

You can find the list of the Doctoral Board and Committee members here.

Doctoral Board Biomedical Sciences


Internal Members

External Members


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