Try to think in big picture: relate your Ph.D. project to its potential use in industry

With Ing. Karolína Kašparová

Workshop Overview:

Unlock the real-world potential of your Ph.D. research by learning how to bridge the gap between academic exploration and practical industry application. This workshop is designed to equip you with essential skills to identify and articulate the industry relevance of your research findings, a valuable asset whether you're seeking academic grants or considering a transition to the industry.

Workshop Content:

Session 1: "Mapping the Landscape"

In this initial session, we'll introduce the following key concepts:

Identifying Clinical/Biomedical Needs: Learn how to pinpoint the specific clinical or biomedical challenges your project aims to address and define the intended end users, whether they are patients, the general public, or potential industry partners.

Understanding Your Project's Technology: Gain insights into characterizing the technological aspects of your research project, including assessing its uniqueness, novelty, alignment with state-of-the-art developments, intellectual property considerations, and its Technology Readiness Level (TRL).

Assessing Market Potential: Explore ways to evaluate your project's potential in comparison to existing solutions, explore the competitive landscape, and recognize your project's competitive advantage.

Preparing a Funding Proposal: Discover how to prepare a compelling proposal for the Accelerate funding scheme of the Internal Grant Agency of the Faculty of Medicine.

As part of your preparation for this session, we encourage you to read the provided materials to better grasp these concepts. Additionally, each participant should prepare an Accelerate Grant Proposal within one week of the first session. It does not have to be related to your Ph.D. project specifically; it can be a hypothetical project with real-world application potential.

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