Meet Ilona Kalasova, PhD - Research Scientist at DIANA Biotechnologies


Our second speaker of the BIOTOP seminar series in the Fall Edition 2021 was Ilona Kalasova, PhD. We are grateful that Ivona accepted our invitation and shared with us her working experience as a Research Scientist at DIANA Biotechnologies in Prague.

Ilona completed her PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology at Charles University in Prague and at the Institute of Molecular Genetics. As a postdoctoral fellow at the Genome Damage and Stability Centre at the University of Sussex, she focused on the role of DNA damage repair in neurological diseases. Ilona currently works at DIANA Biotechnologies, a successful Czech start-up biotech company developing qPCR diagnostics and unique DIANA technology for drug discovery.

We apologize for not having the recording of this session.

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