BIOTOP Seminars

Discover Carrier Options Beyond Academia

General information

Seemingly peculiar name “BIOTOP” stands for BIOtech Talks to PhD. In broad strokes, these seminars aim to bridge the gap between the academia and industry and present various carrier options in the field of Life Sciences. Invited guests are scientists who worked in academia but then decided to continue their research carrier in private sector companies either in Czech Republic or abroad.

BIOTOP is organized as seminar series with a periodicity of approximately one seminar every 3-4 weeks (one seminar = one speaker). During the seminars, invited speakers describe their carrier path with the focus on their current job position in the industry, followed by the questions from the audience. After the talk, everyone is welcome to continue discussing with the speaker or peers in an informal and relaxed atmosphere along with some snacks and drinks.  

Participants from all disciplines at any stage of their PhD studies are welcome. If you wish to get more information, please send us an e-mail to

Program for the autumn semester 2021

07.10.2021, 4pm - Jitka Fučíková, PhD - Principal Investigator - SOTIO Biotech (CZE)

25.10.2021, 4pm - Ilona Kalasová, PhD - Research Scientist - DIANA Biotech (CZE)

16.11.2021, 5pm - Conny Lin, PhD - Medical Science Liason - ABBVIE (CAN)

06.12.2021, 5pm - Alžbeta Cardová, PhD - Development Manager - ENANTIS (CZE)

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