The multiple transitions of post PhD life: from academia to biotech and life science consulting.

With Matteo Tardelli PhD 

Matteo Tardelli, PhD is a Life Science Consultant and author of career development books for PhDs (The Salmon Leap for PhDs). He is an avid traveler and has gained diverse experience in biotech, consulting and academia around the globe.
To date, aside from strategizing about science for clients, he is assisting many researchers in gaining the confidence to launch new careers by writing career columns, taking part in panels, and volunteering for scientific communities such as postdoctoral associations and networking societies.



You can read what he wrote on the Nature column: 

My battle with impostor syndrome after moving from academia to consultancy


When: 10th March, 17h30 (CEST)

Where: Seminar Room C03/117, Masaryk University Campus, Brno-Bohunice (or online)

Registration is required.

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