Training in Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Would you like to develop creative, innovative and entrepreneurial skills? Take advantage of this training and learn how biotech projects and companies are created, established, managed and funded.

14. 7. 2021

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If you wish to learn something new about Biotech projects and companies, then the training course in Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship is for you. A set of lectures, group work and presentations will show you how biotechnology projects (including drug and medical devices development and general medical science) and companies are established, managed and funded. During the course, each student group will develop a new project/product, which they will pitch to potential interested parties.

The training will take place from 04.10 till 15.10.2021 on-line (via zoom). Participants need to be from European SPARK associated universtieties (which the Faculty of Medicine, MU is!). The registration fee is 450 euros per person - the Faculty of Medicine will cover the expenses.

Please, send an e-mail to: if you want to register for this training. The registration deadline is 10.08.2021.

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