Vote in the Photo Competition!

Even though science can be sometimes tough and challenging, it can be also beautiful and sometimes even funny! Therefore, we have invited our students to show us how their research looks like. We thank to all participants who shared with us their great pictures. We greatly appreciate it!

Now, we invite all PhD students to vote for the best picture!

21. 6. 2021

Bez popisku

Send us the name of the picture or the author on the e-mail: by 2.7.2021.

1. Title: Martian in the cellular universe / Author: Mgr. Tereza Souralová
2. Title: The beauty of the human intestinal organoids / Author: Mgr. Veronika Bosáková
3. Title: Daddy monster is not happy / Authors: Sofia Morazzo & Kamila Vrzalová

We are looking forward to hear back from you!

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